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Pre-university training

Preparation for admission to Russian higher education institutions

This is a foundation programme for applicants for admission to Russian higher education institutions to undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate programmes.

Training programme

The training programme includes:

  • Practical course of Russian;
  • Specialized style and Russian vocabulary in the selected professional field.

Costs of training

in groups: 5600 roubles per month

one-to-one: 11200 roubles per month

For whom does it work best?

It is a special course dedicated for applicants for admission to Russian higher education institutions

How do we teach

We have created a flexible and reliable system owing to which you study in a comfortable environment according to a convenient class schedule and at pocket-friendly prices. You study the language at a pace adjusted for you.

Online component
Along with intramural lessons we will create your personal online account. There will be posted tasks, audio and video contents, and vocabulary and grammar information. You can log in to the system and reinforce lessons learnt at home, in the office or in a café.

Some teachers in parallel
It is possible. You can be taught by different teachers. It will be helpful to avoid addiction to one way of talking, accent and temperament of a partner in conversation.

Optimum size of a group
We form groups in such a manner that every lesson passes effectively and in a convenient atmosphere. Mini-groups for spoken language lessons with a teacher consist of 6 persons at most.

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