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Dou you want to learn a “real” Russia and Russian language? Come, and we acquaint you with Ekaterinburg – a city on the border line between Europe and Asia, capital of the Urals, with rich cultural traditions and highly developed industry.

What do we offer?

To get to know this unique Russian region better, you can combine your stay there with a study at our Linguistic Centre under our package programme Russian for foreigners.

The basic offer is established for one week, but you can book the course and choose a programme for any period if desired. After an express training you can pass testing in Russian as a foreign language and obtain a state-recognized certificate of the corresponding level (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, TORFL).

Lessons under this package offer are carried out by 4 academic hours per day for 5 days in a week.
The cost of the course for 20 hours per week is:

  • 14000 roubles for individual lessons;
  • 7000 roubles for lessons in groups.

At lessons the students will get communication skills (listening comprehension, speaking), as well as reading and grammar knowledges according to the level of training course. Qualification of our teachers is confirmed by diplomas, certificates, and most significantly, by a large number of foreign students that are already trained.

A useful aid for consolidation of knowledges and skills mastered at our lessons will be an informal communication with our students and teachers in Conversation Club LEXXIS, where all our foreign guests are full-heartedly welcome to. If you are ready to tell about yourself, your country, or to talk to our students on various informal subjects, we will be glad to invite you as a special guest to a regular meeting of the Conversation Club.

Along with study you can choose appropriate leisure activities from a large number of excursions, entertainment events, recreational activities and similar services available in our region.

Below you find a few places and facilities we recommend our foreign guests to visit:

Sevastyanov House – a mansion built in the first quarter of the 19th century on the shore of City Pond formed by the Dam on Iset River.

Nature Park “Olenyi Ruchyi” (in translation from Russian – Deer Creeks) – it may be called the Pearl of the Urals without waxing too poetic. It draws over 50 thousand of visitors yearly. The reason for this attractiveness is understandable when you look at these pictures.

Lake Turgoyak – Golden Beach (Russian: Zolotoy Plyazh) is a club-hotel located in a settlement of the same name in Chelyabinsk region. It combines the European level of service with charm of the East.

Russian banya – Your appreciation of Russia will be incomplete without it. As an example, we call your attention to Russian Baths in Ekaterinburg at Europe-Asia camp site. Here you find real Russian banyas staying afloat, and in winter time you can dip yourself into an ice hole without leaving the banya!

And many other options. Leave your application, and we establish a schedule for your Russian learning and recreation together with you.

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