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Overcome your language barrier and start to speak Russian with LEXXIS!
Russian online course is one of the most effective modes of study. It does not require your attendance in a class room and visit to Russia at all. You can pass this course provided that you have a stable Internet connection with a Skype account and your own e-mail box.

To start the online course, you are required:

  • To fill in the application form at our website;
  • To wait for a feedback from LEXXIS officers;
  • To enter into Skype at a specified time and obtain a free-of-charge consultation from the teacher;
  • Upon making a final decision, to request an invoice and pay it;
  • To send us a confirmation of payment;
  • To obtain your course programme and learning materials addressed to your e-mail box;
  • To agree a timetable of your video lessons and a date/time of the first one;
  • To start learning;
  • Upon completion of the course you can obtain a certificate of the Linguistic Centre LEXXIS or pass examinations and obtain a state-approved TORFL certificate.

The online course includes learning of grammar rules, phonetics, writing and vocabulary. In the process of learning Russian as a foreign language an increased focus will be put on speaking practice and listening comprehension.

Advantages of distance mode of study are obvious:

  • You save significant funds because you have not to pay for the Russian visa, travels to/from Russia, hotel etc;
  • The timetable for lessons is adjusted for your wishes, time is convenient for you;
  • You can learn residing at any point in the world upon the only condition – Internet access.

Video lessons enable to carry out live dialogues on various topics with a teacher, obtain and do grammar tasks and immediately check their correctness, ask questions and get answers at once.

Our Centre provides qualified teachers of Russian as a foreign language; their qualification is confirmed by appropriate diplomas and certificates. Each of them is well-experienced in one-to-one tuition and highly-competent in methods and specific features of online teaching. More importantly, they are native Russian speakers being aware of all its intricacies and nuances.

Online course of Russian as a foreign language gives the opportunity for you:

  • To get basic knowledges at the introduction stage;
  • To overcome the language barrier and get live conversation skills;
  • To read and write texts in Russian on everyday topics;
  • To start communications with Russian speaking users in the Internet – at forums and in SNSs;
  • To find out facts of interest to you about Ekaterinburg and Russia in whole.

So, if you decide to study basics or improve your proficiency of the Russian language, or, furthermore, if you are going to arrive at Russia for study or job, the online Russian course with our teacher will be a useful aid, and the certificate obtained upon completion of this course will be a strong evidence of your Russian proficiency at an appropriate level (depending on your course programme and duration of study).

You can clarify details and find an additional information on study of Russian as a foreign language, if you visit our website or LEXXIS page in Facebook and ask any questions of interest, or you can contact us via an e-mail at the address or a message on WhatsApp number +7 (996) 171-00-45

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