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One country – two languages

Russian as a foreign language + English, Chinese, German, Spanish or Italian

This course will help you to learn one additional foreign language in parallel with studying of the Russian language.

Why will you enjoy our course

This 2-language course in Ekaterinburg will help you:

  • To communicate fluently and powerfully;
  • To enrich your vocabulary;
  • To master writing of essays, letters, compositions;
  • To reinforce grammar knowledges in practice;
  • To pick up colloquial expressions.

For whom does it work best?

The course is dedicated for persons willing to study Russian + one more foreign language

How do we teach

We have created a flexible and reliable system owing to which you study in a comfortable environment according to a convenient class schedule and at pocket-friendly prices. You study the language at a pace adjusted for you.

Some teachers in parallel
It is possible. You can be taught by different teachers. It will be helpful to avoid addiction to one way of talking, accent and temperament of a partner in conversation.

Optimum size of a group
We form groups in such a manner that every lesson passes effectively and in a convenient atmosphere. Mini-groups for spoken language lessons with a teacher consist of 6 persons at most.

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