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Corporate training

Special programmes for studying Russian for specialists

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We develop and implement a special education programme of Russian learning for specialists of your company.

What is this?

Every corporate programme shall have specific features. Our team members together with management of a company will determine a type of education programmes, paces of study, time schedules, and teacher staff responsible for training.

What formats are possible?

Advanced: 2-3 times per week, 90 minutes in each lesson
Intensive: up to 8 hours of training daily

We can arrange training in a country where the company carries out trainings for its staff, at local sites in Ekaterinburg and Pervouralsk, at homes or offices of the Linguistic Centre.

Among LEXXIS clients

PAO Sberbank, OOO IKEA-Dom, PAO MDM-Bank, OOO Chelpipe, Trade House Uraltrubostal, OOO Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification, OOO AtomRos, TK Wimm Bill Dann and others

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