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What do one study Russian for?

1. The Russian language takes the 8th place among top-10 the most used languages over the world.

2. Russia is the largest country in the world with a rich millennia-old history.

You can take a Trans-Siberian Express and discover great spaces of Siberia, Far East, Urals, and Central Russia, see the largest lake in the world – Baikal, visit ancient cities of the famous Golden Ring of Russia and the geographical boundary line between Europe and Asia.

3. You will be able to learn the national culture having generated famous Russian composers, musicians, writers, artists, and actors; you will be able to read Bulgakov’s “The days of the Turbins” or Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” in the original.

4. You will get an idea about the Russian character and experience how welcoming our people are; you will see masterpieces of architecture and art, ballet and theatre performances.

5. Russia is richly endowed with natural resources; there are lots of market opportunities. Study of Russian will help you to establish contacts and deal in Russia.

6. You will have advantages at the international job market. Russian is one the official languages in 17 countries and has a working language status in many international organizations including UN.

7. Conversing with people in everyday situations, you will make fewer mistakes and be able to use Russian without an interpreter.

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